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I enjoy working on coding side projects. Here are a few that I've built over the last few years.

Newborn Simulator

Simulating the parenting process for a newborn baby. Built over paternity leave.

permalink / source / 2020


A web application enabling you to “Stay in touch with everyone.” Built on the MEAN stack.

source / 2016

New Zealand Puzzle

Puzzle game written in vanilla JavaScript based on the puzzle used in my college research project.

permalink / source / 2016


My personal website, served by Jekyll. It contains a blog and several static web pages.

permalink / source / 2015

Films Watched

A list of every movie I’ve seen since 2009 in a simple AngularJS app.

permalink / source / 2015

Lubinian Tales

Landing page and blog for an upcoming science fiction novel. Served by Jekyll.

permalink / source / 2015

East of State

Online publication to highlight unique experiences in Kansas City. Served by Jekyll.

source / 2013

Exploring the New Zealand Puzzle

A research project at Rockhurst University done alongside professor Dr. Keith Brandt. It is a program designed to solve a very difficult puzzle recursively, as well as generate new puzzle boards. The project received the Rockhurst Outstanding Research Award and was published in Mathematical Spectrum.

source / 2012